Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ask Me Monday: Tv : How much is too much?

" What is your opinion on children's tv shows? How much is too much?"

Honestly. I take the middle ground on this one. I don't believe children should be watching tv all day every day.

We pick and choose what we let Baby A watch.

There are certain things we don't let her watch because it is mindless.

We want her to watch things she can learn from. Occasionally a holiday movie or kids classic, but other than that we like educational.

She watches Sid the Science Kid and Superwhy. If she watches a movie it is Leapfrog.
She watches Sid the Science Kid 3-5
times a week & Superwhy once of twice a week. Superwhy is about reading and Sid is about science.

I am not picking on certain shows, but chances are you won't catch Sponge Bob or Mickey Mouse on our tv.

I think it's up to each parent what they let their kids watch and how much.

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1 comment:

  1. Ugh! The dreaded topic! TV.
    Fortunately we get Sprout in our house and I will let Reagan watch Sprout.
    I do believe they have very educational programs and like Baby A Reagan loves Super Why. She can sing the songs on most the shows.
    But still...I am all about interactive play so she doesn't get to watch TV all day. That bugs me.