Monday, December 17, 2012

Ask Me Monday!: Tap water or bottled water?

" What is your opinion on drinking tap water ?Bottled water? Which one is better for me?"

This is a question that I am going to answer with out picking either option for you. Truth is it depends.

Some bottled water is merely unfiltered tap water, while other bottled water is pure spring water.

I don't suggest drinking plain unfiltered tap water. There is a lot of chlorine and other contaminants in there.

Instead, if you want water from the tap, invest in a water filter. There are many kinds. I have used the Pur faucet filter for years and it filters the water nicely. The downside is these filters don't remove fluoride from the water. You would have to get a reverse osmosis system for that. There are water pitchers that filter your water, but they don't filter as well as many faucet or under the counter systems.

I drink filtered tap water and we give baby a bottled spring water ( to avoid fluoride).

There is another great option.... You can go to a website to find a spring near you and get fresh spring water yourself!

I am not a fan of all the trash that drinking bottled water creates. We recycle Baby A's bottled water bottles, however she's a baby and only goes through one bottle of water a day ( still nursing), where as an adult would drink much more than that.

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. We use a combination of both. We get water right out of the fridge as well as use bottled water.
    We don't like to buy bottled water that often but rather stick with refilling our bottles from the fridge.
    We buy good, BPA free bottles with straws from Costco and everyone loves them ~ especially Reagan (and me during Zumba class!!)


  2. I am such a water snob. Growing up in the Phoenix area where the water is so disgusting it's completely undrinkable, we always had bottled water - the fancy kind that gets delivered by a huge truck in giant bottles. Where I live now has much better tap water, but I still don't drink it unfiltered. I would always drink bottled water if my husband was willing to support my snobbery. But it has to be the right kind. There is some bottled water that tastes worse than tap.