Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

As we are waiting to greet the New Year, I am sitting here thinking of everything I want to accomplish in 2013. These are not just resolutions, they are goals. 
People have become wishy washy with the word resolution. I have heard many people say they dont anticipate being able to keep a resolution past 2 weeks! Resolutions should be more than this, you are resolving to do something, that is a big deal. 
Try to think of your resolutions as goals, after all that is what they are. As some one who has kept her resolutions for the past 5 years ( not just for the year, but ever since I made each resolution!) , I have to say that envisioning success and making practical goals is the key to having kept my resolutions. 
Each resolution I made has turned into a complete life change.
 I tend to make more than one resolution every year. 
 What about you? Do you set goals for the New Year? 
 I have 5 things in mind for this year and am trying to narrow it down to 2. Haha, I will probably end up doing all 5 by the end of the year though :) 
 Whatever you do, make 2013 a happier, healthier, stronger year, 


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