Friday, January 4, 2013

Ever have one of those days....

Baby A got sick for the first time this past week. It's a common cold, but it still had her coughing and stuffy. 
Needless to say, I got her cold too. The first time in years that Hubby or I have been sick. 
I always start off the New Year by trying to be productive and getting the house in order....this has backfired on me.

So, on to my day... I thought today was going to be productive as we are starting to get better from our colds.
I was wrong.
At 11:30 pm the kitchen sink backed up.... both sides of it.
Oh, yeah and it backed up into the dishwasher too.
My hero of a Hubby plunged that darn thing for an hour, and got the water to go down a little, but the sink is still unusable.

I call the apartment office this morning and they are closed. Great.
So I call the emergency line.
The neighbor next door used their garbage disposal, and now my sink is backed up with water again....oh and it's SMELLY water....and it's dripping under my sink. 
My house smells like a sewer today. Fun.

Maintenance comes over and cannot do a thing, it's that bad. They also inform me that all of the drains are connected, so every time a neighbor uses their garbage disposal or a large amount of water in the kitchen, it will add to my problem.

So they call a plumber. The plumber will be here SOMETIME today. They have no idea when.

I was informed to clean out under my sink.
Yes, I had to touch the nasty sewage water. Gross.

Now I am sitting around waiting for a plumber with cleaners out where my 1 year old can reach. I have to watch her like a hawk today. Not to mention I cannot vacuum my carpets because they will track dirt and nasty in. I also cannot let my daughter sit and play in any walk ways where maintenance walked, because there is already grossness there.
Oh and I have to clean my toilet and bathroom floor....they dumped the nasty water down my toilet.

Hopefully this day gets better. We normally look forward to Fridays, but Friday is my new Monday and I don't like it so much.

The beauty of the story?

My daughter is being a perfect angel so far today and she is taking a nice long nap.

I am thankful for little things like that.

Especially on sucky days like this.

Other good news? My Hubby did a 1000 times better on the drain yesterday than the dumb maintenance men who didn't know how to do a thing. He made progress. They just made a mess.

Thanks Hubby for being my hero.

Be Happy  Healthy and Strong,

Strong is the word today.



  1. Oh mama ~ we all go through those days!
    You'll get through it! I have faith in you. You are STRONG!!!

    Feel better soon, friend!


  2. Thanks so much! Things did get better :) The sink is fixed, and despite having to scrub the entire kitchen, we have our kitchen back :)