Monday, March 18, 2013

Do People Think You Are Weird For Being Healthy ?

Do people give you a hard  time for living a natural lifestyle?
Are people offended, confused, or feel like you think you are better than them because of your lifestyle?

Evidently it happens to a lot of natural living families. While some people are understanding, many are not.

It has happened to us too. While some family and friends are supportive, others are not. Some act threatened or annoyed by our lifestyle, others offer unsolicited advice as if they think we should change our natural living ways, others just plain "won't deal with it".

I understand that it may not be the norm now, but many years ago, natural living was the norm.

We drink clay, eat spirulina, and don't allow our daughter sugary treats, this leaves "normal" people scratching their heads.

Mama Natural made this amazing video to help us all learn how to deal with those who don't understand or are "haters" of our lifestyle.

I hope that you find this video helpful!

Thanks Mama Natural!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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