Thursday, July 11, 2013

Easy Cloth Wipes Solution {Recipe}

I was all in on cloth diapers  from day one! We cloth diapered Baby A in the hospital and she hasn't worn a single disposable diaper. ( exception: the nurses brought her back to me in a disposable and as soon as they handed her to me, I ripped it off and put on some fluff).
However, that whole time I was using disposable wipes. For whatever reason, I didn't even think I could do cloth wipes too. I knew other moms did, but I guess it was too big of a leap for me in the beginning.
Just recently, about a month ago, Hubby and I switched to cloth wipes for Baby A. I am so glad we did! It is soooo much better!

I bought about 60 baby washcloths like these (link).

I saved an old Pamper's wipes container and washed it out. 
Then I came up with the solution that works best for my baby girl's bum.

Many of the ingredients are optional. I recommend the soap and a moisturizing agent. I like the tea tree because it helps to prevent mold and promotes healing.


1 squirt ( 3/4 tsp approx) Dr Bronner's Castile Soap ( I like the tea tree scent)
1 tsp olive oil
1 tsp aloe juice or gel
3-5 drops tea tree essential oil
3-5 drops lavender essential oil
2 cups water

Mix all ingredients together. 
Place wipes in container.
Pour solution over wipes.
Close wipes container tight, and shake to disperse solution.


I hope that this works for your baby too!

Do you use cloth wipes?
Do you have a favorite wipes solution recipe?

Some babies have sensitive skin, use essential oils with caution and care. Don't ever apply essential oils directly to your babies skin ( or your own) without knowing the proper dilutions. Omit essential oils if you/ your baby is sensitive.

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