Thursday, February 6, 2014

When Skinny ISN'T a Problem....The Problem Is With Your Eyes.

All of the Biggest Loser Finale controversary has gotten me fired up.

I have been a victim of SKINNY HATE for years. Jealousy, anger and resentment leads people say some of the meanest things to people that they WISH they looked like.

me at 98 lbs.

When I was "skinny fat" at 5 ft. 1 in. tall. I weighed 110 lbs. I had cellulite in my thighs, I slept 14 hours at a time, and I could not carry a laundry basket. After I got fit, and before I got pregnant with Baby A I weighed 98 lbs. and was the healthiest of my life. Full of energy and bicep curling 15 lbs.
After Baby A was born I got back down to 101 lbs. but I looked just as  "skinny" as before Baby A, but I was the fittest of my life. I gained a six pack, some biceps, and could bicep curl 25 lbs.
After a several month break due to some overtraining ( I loved weightlifting heavy as often as possible) I came back to working out at 103.8 lbs. but at 103.8 I had some work to do. Through weightlifting and HIIT workouts I have gained my leanness back and am bicep curling 20 lbs. BUT am in the best shape of my life.

after Baby A 101-103 lbs 

My simple point is this. 
I still look skinny at 98, 101, or 103.8 lbs.
My fitness level was excellent at all 3 weights.
 At 110 lbs. when people thought I looked great, I was NOT great. I couldn't lift 3 lb dumbbells without being out of breath.

103.8 lbs.

Stop picking on scale numbers. Just stop it. 

I was FAT at 110 lbs! Yes, I admit it, I was a binge eating, cigarette smoking, lazy butt, and FAT at 110 lbs.

If you are offended you may want to stop reading now because the rant continues.

Left picture is 2006, Right is 2007.

I am sick of FAT and SKINNY FAT people making fun of, belittling, and shaming people who are in shape and healthy, simply because they don't like the number on the person's scale. What is worse is they do it because they are jealous and wish that they could look like that person.
I have friends who have been picked on for their size, and told "put meat on your bones" or "one donut won't hurt".

You know what? 

I am not supposed to call a FAT PERSON FAT, but a FAT PERSON can call me ANOREXIC because they don't like how I look?

The difference is the fat lazy person is actually fat and lazy, and I am not anorexic. I eat a balanced diet with unprocessed foods, I work out on a daily basis (5-6 days per week), and my BMI is spot on. I have muscle tone and energy.
As for the skinny fat person getting their panties in a bunch, you are no better judging muscular women saying " they look too manly" or " I can eat whatever I want and stay thin"...tell your intestines that when the Splenda and Diet Coke catch up to your genetics....perfect storm for cancer. You too at 100 lbs or whatever are also FAT and LAZY!

I get it. I was there, but the difference between me and you? I didn't sit around feeling sorry for myself and telling other women  that they are ugly, too thin, too fit, obsessed, blah blah blah because of insecurity. I got off of my FAT LAZY ASS and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!

The latest in skinny hate is people hating on Rachel Frederickson..... You do not know how she lost the weight. In addition her BMI isn't horribly low at 5 ft 4 in and 105 lbs. It is low, yes. but that is no reason to judge her. She has muscle tone in her arms. She says she feels great. 
She is a person with thoughts and feelings and can be hurt easily....just like you. 
She lost a bunch of weight and people should be proud of her.
She  busted her butt and then walked out on tv to reveal her body...
only to be JUDGED and PICKED ON and BULLIED by the public?

That is enough to destroy a person who has made so many strides.

Shame on you all who judge her. Especially those who are sitting there, on their lazy butts, watching the show and stuffing their faces, and feeling sorry that they are too unmotivated to do something about it!

Wake up America.

Are we so used to seeing fat unhealthy people and stick figure models on the runway that we don't even know what healthy looks like anymore?

Don't get me started on the newest term "orthorexia" which is a giant load of crap.

Congrats on your win Rachel, you earned it fair and square. Only you know if you are healthy and how you feel! Good luck with the rest of your journey, and don't let the haters get you down.

Rachel Frederickson. 105 lbs. Looking fantastic.
Not my photo. Googled from around web,
 posted for illustrative purposes only.
No profit gained from posting.

Jealousy is an ugly thing.

How amazing would it be if people would just start loving each other?

If someone is overweight but is working out and eating healthy, I don't consider them fat, I consider them healthy because they are living health. If someone is underweight and eating healthy and exercising....Do I think anything is wrong with them?
NO, because they are living healthy.

The only people we have the right to judge is ourselves.
Put the energy that you use to hate on people towards something good. Put it toward motivating yourself to better yourself, put it toward praising people for their hard efforts, put it toward love.

Now, everyone who has hated on someone skinny, go apologize! 

If you have written something mean about this Rachel girl on social media, go back and apologize!

This post isn't to make fun of people or make people feel bad, nor is it to make fun of fat people. Rather it is to draw attention to the reverse bullying that is now taking place in our society. It is to draw attention to the fact we all have worth, whether skinny or fat.

We have gotten to such a place of un-health that we don't know how to handle seeing healthy people. 

We are all people with feelings.

Treat each other like it.

Rant over.

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