Friday, September 23, 2011

Lullabelly Music Belt Review.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I received a Lullabelly Music Belt!
These are awesome I have been using mine throughout my whole pregnancy. 
My little girl loves to kick when I play classical music for her. 
I have the Apple Green Color.  The color pictured here is Chocolate Brown Mint.

It was even on FOX & NBC:

My first reaction when I received it was excitement to try it out! The fabric is super soft and minky, and the belt has a long strip of velcro that has fit me from early pregnancy all the way to my 3rd trimester. It also has a little convenient zipper pocket!
I really like this belt.

It feels good knowing I am doing something good for my baby.
There are a lot of articles online of music helping baby in the womb (this is just one):

It's nice to know I am helping my baby be more relaxed while in my tummy!

Did you play music for your baby or sing to your baby when you were pregnant?


* This is a product review that I have not been paid for. These are my own personal opinions on an item I already own. This review is in no way associated with the company or product reviewed.  This review is in no way associated with Lullabelly. Ask your Dr. before using this product. Use this product at your own risk.*


  1. whered you get your belt? this seems awesome! with carleigh, i did sing, and played music on the headphones, and then just left music playing on the radio once theyr able to hear sounds outside of the womb. carleigh would dance around and eve3reything. i also read to her =] it all seems to help. a mixture of everything i did (and it seems youre on the same track!) resulted in a beautiful BRILLIANT lil lady!

  2. I think it's wonderful to play music for baby while in the womb! That is great that you read to her too! I bet it all worked together to help her be the great kid she is today! The Lullabelly is sold here:
    I hope you find it as useful as I have! I love it!