Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Moms Into Fitness Review!

Since I have been pregnant my workout routine has changed. Being someone who likes to go "hard-core" in the gym, I decided I needed help scaling back to more pregnancy appropriate workouts.

This is where Moms Into Fitness enters the picture.

These workouts are GREAT! I feel like a get a great workout, but also know that I am not working out so hard that I would harm the baby.

Lindsay Brin is upbeat & has an energizing attitude throughout the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimester workout videos. My absolute favorite workout is the Prenatal Yoga. I always feel more awake and refreshed after this workout!

She also has workouts for AFTER baby !  You can find some of her workouts on Netflix as well!

Check out her websites:

So, once you get your Dr.'s permission, check out her workout videos, you'll be glad you did!


* This is a product review that I have not been paid for. These are my own personal opinions on an item I already own. This review is in no way associated with the company or product  reviewed. This review is in no way associated with Netflix. All opinions are my own. Ask Dr. permission before working out. Use this product at your own risk.*

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