Thursday, October 20, 2011

How We Chose Baby A's Bedding.

If you haven't read the post on nursery furniture, please click here.

The baby bedding for our nursery finally came in on Tuesday! I was so excited to finally see it in person! After a long time searching the internet for something that wasn't jungle theme, butterflies, or disney princesses, I finally found what I was looking for. 

Here's what we bought for Baby A's room:
JoJo Designs "Sophia"

A closer view of the bedding.

I love that it's a 9 piece set! A lot of bedding comes in a 4 piece set, which is okay, but I like everything to coordinate without too much effort. So this set was perfect. I have always been a fan of black and white damask, but what is even better is that there is a splash of pink to make the room extra girly!

We looked at several other sets in planning for Baby A's room. 

Here are some of the others we thought were pretty:
JoJo Designs "Isabella"
JoJo Designs "Princess"
JoJo Designs "Geo"
Carousel Designs "Black and White Damask"

Carousel Designs "Dainty Damask"

Doodlefish "Amore"

I hope you enjoyed seeing our journey to the bedding we chose for our daughters room! I cannot wait to get it all washed and put together with her crib!

What are some of your favorite baby bedding designs? Did it take you a while searching for the 'perfect' set or did you know right away what you wanted?
Or did you design your own?



  1. What i like is the sets arent only girly, but theyre classy, too! I have the same issue, too. I cant seem to find more than a four or six piece set. Crazy. Im stillll looking for that perfect one!

  2. @chelle- I know what you mean! I love that these sets also have matching "big girl" bedding sets too, so you don't have to change the entire room decor when she gets older. What color and theme are you going with for your nursery? I will send you links if I see anything!

  3. the furniture is going to be a darkkkkkk color. not quite black, but probably a really deep brown. and bedding & paint will be purple. i was thinking paint maybe a lilac color, with a darker purple border. and bedding, alvin prefers something simple. he said butterflies. so i was looking into those so far, and thats all ive really looked at. there IS a really cute cherry blossom set on that i loved. and thought we could even put a huge decal on the wall behind the crip, to match. no curtains this time, but valances since weve got blinds. but i havent really been able to look in stores or anything. so other than these ideas, i have no idea! but i AM open for suggestions, :)

  4. @chelle- we had originally chosen chocolate brown, it's so beautiful! we finally went with black, but the bed and such we looked at is tagged nursery, so if you wanna look at stuff we originally liked you can find it in a previous post. i love chocolate brown and black furniture! light or dark purple? purple is such a pretty color! omgosh cherry blossoms are so pretty, i don't think you can go wrong with butterfllies or cherry blossoms! check out dali decals online for wall decals, they have super cute ones! we have blinds too, but are going to use the valances that came with the bedding and a black out curtain over the blinds on a double rod. hope this helps! our blinds are inset though.

  5. @chelle- this is what we originally had looked at for furniture:
    the furniture we actually chose is linked at top of post :)

  6. heres the funny thing, i usually do not like many purple things. ill be sure to look at the post, im looking on and i can find sets either with a changing table, or with a dresseer, but id like all three (that coordinate) lol cherry blossoms are a symbol of new life, and are totally gorgeous, so thats why i was like how great! and not to mention, its not something everyone has :) i love black furniture as well, the only reason id prefer a darker wood is because we have alot of darker, natural wood in the house! where did you PUCHASE the furniture from?! or is in the blog? lolol ill go take a gander!

  7. @chelle- we went with the davinci kalani crib from babiesrus. the changing table we are looking at is on amazon but i t*think* might also be sold at babiesrus its by badger basket. cherry blossoms are beautiful :)

  8. I'm a plain jane kind of gal. I just got a couple of crib sheets. :D