Friday, October 21, 2011

Make your home a Healthy Home.

What is a healthy home?
For me a healthy home is a home that is not only clean, but is cleaned with eco-friendly products, and has pure clean air & water without chemicals.
This is part 1 of a 2 part post.

What are some essentials in my home that make it a Healthy Home?

  • Pur Faucet Filter -  The Pur Faucet filter we have in our home is the Mineral Clear Horizontal Filter. According the the Pur website it does this: "With the PUR mineralclear™ Horizontal Faucet Water Filter, you’ll get up to 100 gallons of great tasting,clean water that’s filtered over minerals. That’s 2-3 months of clean water right from your faucet—filtered to remove 99% of lead and microbial cysts, and reduces many other water substances like 99% of trace levels ofpharmaceuticals.**"               I know that my water tastes better, and when my filter runs out and needs to be changed, I can notice a definite taste difference in my water.

  • Honeywell Ultra Quiet Air Cleaner - We  got it last year and it keeps our air super clean! It has a vacuumable filter so that we don't have to constantly replace the filters.  According to (where we got ours) it does this: "True HEPA filter captures 99.97% of common household airborne pollutants and helps reduce airborne bacteria and viruses from the air that passes through the filter at 0.3 microns. The carbon pre-filter captures larger airborne particles and helps reduce common household odors. The HEPA filter can be vacuumed clean for longer life. Features 3 air-cleaning levels and an electronic filter change reminder. QuietCare Technology ensures quiet operation making it ideal for any room in your home."

  • HoMedics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier- This machine is amazing in the winter time, especially with how the heating system dries out the air in our home.  As an asthma sufferer I have noticed that my breathing has drastically improved since we bought this last winter.  Read more about it here.
We recently got an Aquasana shower faucet filter, it will be nice not to shower in chemically/chlorinated water! I will let you know if I like it once we have it installed.

What do you do to keep your home a Healthy Home?


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  1. im planning on snagging the air purifier! i want to see if i notice a difference!

  2. @chelle- its amazing! Even helps to remove mold spores and smoke from air! Its helped when ive burnt food lol . I always notice when its time to vacuum the filter.