Saturday, October 22, 2011

Weekend Ramblings....

As my due date draws near, I find myself wanting to be more and more prepared for Baby A's arrival. 
I find myself steam cleaning furniture and carpet, washing baby clothes, mopping floors, organizing paperwork, washing bottles ( for pumping) and obviously working on her nursery in general. 
I feel like I cannot be prepared enough for her arrival!

Although in general I am a clean person, I like things neat, tidy, clean, and organized, I find myself being even more so with Baby A's debut coming even closer.

Did you "nest" when you were expecting?

I see myself staying clean & organized, as it's a part of my personality. 

Did you keep your house clean after your baby's arrival, or did it "all go out the window"?



  1. I nested like crazy as soon as I hit 7 months. I worried about getting the bed together and all the things I needed. I washed, hung up and folded all his little baby clothes. I remember thinking that I couldn't wait to dress him in all of them. I was very clean and picky with Nathan even after he was born I scrubed and washed everything. The only thing that I had a hard time keeping up with was clothes. Babies go through a ton of outfits a day. wheather it's drooling, eating or a explosion of a diaper... I was washing clothes and blankets all the time. I am not gonna lie it was really hard the first 4 months. I was so tired from being up with baby all the time... Energy was not on my side. But after 4 months I started getting the hang of it and things got better.

  2. @Neonica25- I am very clean and picky in general, so I completely understand the scrubbing everything!!