Friday, October 7, 2011

Katz Gluten Free (Product Review)

Katz Gluten Free makes gluten free products exclusively, which means no cross contamination! Their facility is also nut and dairy free! This is great for those who have multiple food allergies!
They offer a wide variety of products ranging from bread crumbs to cakes, and more!

I recently tried Katz Gluten Free products for the first time! My hubby was sweet enough to eat their food with me. 

The products I tried were the:

Star Rating: 
The snack poppers get a 3 star rating from me because of the lack of flavor, and the toughness. Althought they are good dipped in a glass of almond milk! Not bad, but not amazing either.

The Coffee Bundt Cake gets a 5 star rating from me because the flavor was amazing! The texture and the sweetness were off the charts good! My hubby liked the bundt cake as well!

I gave the Apple Pie a 5 star rating because the flavor was amazing! The pie filling was some of the best I've had, and the crust was delcious. The only issue I had was that the crust was a little softer, but that could be just me. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to pie crust. We both devoured the apple pie, next time I might have to try it with gluten free/ dairy free vanilla ice cream!

All in all, I loved Katz Gluten Free desserts, and I would eat them again!
If you haven't tried Katz gluten free, I think you should! 


* This is a product review that has not been paid for. These are my own personal opinions on an item I already own. The company did not provide me with any product or compensation for review. This review is in no way associated with the company or product reviewed.*

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