Saturday, October 8, 2011

Weekend Ramblings....

It's hard to believe how quickly time flies! Baby A will be here so soon! I am very excited to be a first time mommy. I have been a homemaker for several years now, occasionally working on weekends here and there. I love the cook and take care of the house, but being a mom has always been a dream of mine.
I have an amazing hubby and will soon have a beautiful daughter!

The best [and sometimes most frustrating part] of this whole process is the preparation! Being a Type A personality, I have checklists for my checklists! Seeing everything that still needs done before her arrival can be overwhelming. However the anticipation of holding my baby girl, is amazing. I cannot wait to hold her in my arms.

Only a few more weeks now! My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger & my checklists are getting shorter! Next off the checklist this weekend is the crib! Hubby and I decided on the DaVinci Kalani. It's so beautiful in pictures, I cannot wait to see it all put together!

Obviously we won't have this bedding! (picture from
We still have a lot to do, but it is all worth it and so exciting in the process!

This coming week holds the challenge of packing my bags for the hospital. Looks like I have to make a checklist for that too!
What did you pack in your hospital bag?

Thank you for taking interest my blog. I hope that my readers have an amazing weekend!
Any plans?



  1. I went to a check up and foundout I had to immediately be induced, so hubby packed, and it wasn't much. I wish I had cloth diapers, baby clothes so he could have warn some cute stuff, my boppy (or other nursing pillow), and cute comfy outfits for myself for pictures.

  2. Wow Erica! I can't imagine having to pack so quickly! I would love to have my cloth diapers too amd I will remember what you said about the Boppy- great idea!