Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 11: 15 of my Favorite Things

1. Weight lifting.
I love  weight lifting because there is always such a sense of accomplishment when I am done. It takes hard work and it shapes my body. It makes me feel strong.

2. Running.
I love running because it is a great time to think and to listen to my favorite music. I also love how it feels to run really fast....I feel free and light.

3. Summer.
I like summer time because of the sunshine, swimming, fresh fruit and all the beautiful plants. I love warm weather.

4.  Being a stay at home mom.
I like staying at home with my daughter and teaching her things. I could never put her in daycare, it would break my heart to not see everything she does every day. 

5.  My Birthday.
It's my own special holiday.  It's a day where I feel like I matter. My hubby always makes my birthday really special!

6.  Vanilla Body Spray.
I have worn the same vanilla body spray for years, it smells yummy.  I have tried several other body sprays here and there but I  decided to stick with the vanilla because it just suits me best.

7. Candles.
I like candles. Mostly fruit scented ones like cherry and blueberry. I am not a linen or flower scented candle person, I think those kind of candles smell disgusting. Candles have a way of making a room more relaxing.

8. My daughter.
She makes me smile when I wake up. She has so much energy! I cannot believe she is 6 months and growing so fast. She is pure light and joy.

9. My hubby.
He is my other half. To say he completes me would be silly because we are each complete people, but he compliments me. We are opposites and truly pick up where the other leaves off. He is the love in my life, the positivity, the adventure. 

10.  Sleep!
I love to sleep. Too bad I don't sleep much anymore! 

11. Home Pedicure.
I love to have pretty toenails. But I don't like to go to the salon to get them done. They never turn out well at the salon, I always do them myself now...and they turn out perfect :) 

12. The beach.
There's nothing like the ocean and the sand. The smell, the air, the waves on my feet. The sky. It's perfect.

13. My iPhone.
It's entertainment, it's a phone, it's organization. I don't leave home without it.

14. Chocolate & Peanut Butter together. 
I used to like Reese's years ago before I got healthy. Now I love to make healthy chocolate peanut butter ice cream ( it's in my recipes tab, try it, it's delightful).

15. Pictures.
I am a picture nut. I like to have pictures of all the special moments in my life. Pictures are memories that have been captured and when I look at a picture I can remember the memories that might otherwise escape me.

These are in no particular order. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me!! 

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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