Thursday, May 10, 2012

My 12 Baby Item Must- Have's!

A lot of people I know are having babies, so since it's "baby season" I thought I would share some of the most important baby items that we have.

My Baby Must Have's are:

1. Fisher Price Space Saver High Chair- This is a huge deal to me. It really does save space & you can put in on the floor or on a chair! It reclines and has a pretty large tray as well.
2. Graco Pack N Play- We have the Graco Pack N Play Capri with the removable bassinet & changing table. I will be honest. We use our pack n play a lot. Baby A likes to sleep in it, however, knowing what I know now, I would have gotten a different pack n play as we didn't use the bassinet very long & maybe used the changing table twice.
What we have.

Here's the playard I think we should have gotten:
Baby Trend Deluxe Nursery Center

3. Sleep Nest.-We never bought one of these, but we should have. It would have saved us a lot of sleepless nights, as Baby A would only sleep when she was with us. 

Here's what we should have gotten:

Summer Infant Rest Assured Sleeper
4. Bright Starts Bounce Baby. -Baby A loves this! I love the bright colors and the floor board, it also takes up less space than a traditional exersaucer.

5. Pacifier. -Not any pacifier though. I like the Avent Soothie & the The First Years Gumdrop Pacifiers. I like that they are one piece and are made out of a safe material. There are no little pieces that could come off and be swallowed.

Avent Soothie

The First Years Gumdrop

6. Fisher Price Calming Vibrations Bouncer.- Baby A loves this. She has loved it since day one. It's her favorite place to hang out, and at 24 weeks old she still loves it. They make another model now that has butterflies and matches the space saver high chair.

7. White Onesies. -Lots and lots of onesies. You will need them.

8. Burp clothes.- Tons of these too. Babies spit up, a lot.

9. Vulli Sophie the Giraffe.- Our daughter has a ton of teethers, but the only one she likes is Sophie.  Sophie goes everywhere with Baby A.

10. Baby Carrier.- Any kind of baby carrier that suits you! We have 2 different kinds of structured Infantino's and a Moby! We have used them all! 

11. Baby Trend Jogger in Gray Mist. -We love our jogging stroller! It is amazing. We like to take Baby A for walks in it. It takes the bumps well and is just an all around amazing stroller.

12. Breast Pump.- If you are breastfeeding, this is a must in my opinon. I have two different pumps. A manual Medela and a double electric by Avent. Find what works for you. But my opinion is any pump by these two brands is good!

These are just my opinions from what has worked for us with Baby A. Of course all babies are different! There are tons of products that we have and use for Baby A on a daily basis but these are my favorites so far!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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