Thursday, May 10, 2012

Extended Breastfeeding?

Ok, since so many people are talking about this, I had to give my two cents.

The 26 year old mother in this picture is breastfeeding her son who is 3 years old.

You can read an interview with her here.

There have been all sorts of comments and controversy over this cover already. Moms have been debating the topic of "extended breastfeeding" for a long time, so, it came as no surprise to me that moms would be divided over this cover as well. 

First off, I want to applaud Jamie for her natural parenting. Seeing as she was breastfed herself until 6 years old, it seems only right that she would want her children to have the same "bond" and health benefits that she did growing up.

How this applies to me:

While I applaud other mothers for extended breastfeeding, I tend to not believe one way or the other. I believe that each mother should do what is best for them and their child. I think all mothers who are physically able should consider breastfeeding at least in the short term. 
After all, breastmilk is the best thing for babies in my opinion.

Regarding Baby A, I will breastfeed extendedly...kind of. I plan to breastfeed Baby A for the 1st year,during this time I pump and save milk, so that she can get breastmilk through a bottle or sippy cup, after the 1st year mark. I personally think that once a child is old enough to drink from a cup, that is where they should get their milk from. This is because my personal comfortability is that. That is where I draw the line with my child. 

In general I do believe that breastfeeding a school aged child is a little far, but I have no issues with children receiving breastmilk served in a cup. To me a child receiving breastmilk is ENTIRELY better than drinking cows milk ( which is completely unnatural ) and has numerous benefits to a child's health and development. 
Again though, I do not judge parents for wanting what is best for their child. 

I saw several comments related to the article. These comments were enfuriating to me.  People were calling it "child abuse" to breastfeed a 3 year old?? How in the world do they justify such harsh comments? 

Here's my two cents on the commenters:

One, grow up. Two, it is more child abuse to feed your child junk food and fast food, and deprive them of nutrition knowingly than it will EVER be to feed your child nutritious breastmilk because you CARE. Though I hardly believe that fast food is child abuse either ( althought it is careless & unhealthy ). Just making the point that people need to stop with the judging and applaud each other for their hard efforts as parents.

Thoughts on the cover picture?

I think it's fine, the chair is a little much...might have been better if she were holding him. I get a "strong moms" vibe off of the picture though, or "taking a stance for natural parenting".  Some people get a "sexual" vibe off of the picture, but I don't see that. I think people are reading a little much into it.

So, are you "mom enough" to breastfeed?

That's all for now.

Leave your comments below, I would love to hear your thoughts.
FYI, keep it respectful & clean. 

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