Monday, September 17, 2012


" What made you decide to use cloth diapers? Why would you want to?"

This is a question that I have gotten a lot. People even bought me disposable diapers before Baby A was born, when I specifically stated " I am using cloth diapers, please do not give me any disposables". This I found frustrating, for some reason, people could not figure out why I would want to use cloth diapers.

Here are the main reasons I chose cloth diapers, with out getting too detailed.

1. My daughter's health.

2 The environment.

3. Less expensive in the long run.

Sure, disposables are disposable, however just because something is quick and easy doesn't mean it is a good choice. There are chemicals in these diapers that can irritate a baby's skin and cause reproductive issues in boys later on in life. Not to mention if a baby manages to get a hold of a diaper and eat the inside of it. They could get really sick or even die. In addition, I do not want to add to the vast amounts of diapers already being thrown in the landfill for what, 500 years or so? No thanks. Not to mention paying close to 2,000 dollars to diaper my kid in disposables until potty training, versus just under $500 that I have spent on cloth diapers that will last until potty training.
Not to mention cloth diapers are super cute!! 

A lot of people think cloth diapering is gross or that their hubby won't be on board with the idea. 
Actually cloth diapering isn't gross, as there are diaper sprayers and wet bags to deal with the dirty diapers. My hubby was and is " on board" with the cloth diapering. 
I am so happy we chose cloth diapers, and will probably even be a little sad when she no longer needs diapers.

Want to learn more about cloth diapering?

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  1. Right now my friend is in Kenya countryside teaching women how to make reusable sanitary napkins made out of cloth. Its better for environment because they don't have sanitation facilities out in the country. Also young women can't go to school when they are on their periods because they can't afford sanitary napkins. The cloth decreases allergic reactions also. They didn't have plastic diapers when I was a baby. It didn't harm me and my parents didn't have diaper sprayers and wet bags, so people need to be more open about it.

  2. @The Frugal Exerciser: I think that is wonderful! Finding eco friendly ways to take care of human waste is (in my opinon) great for the environment! I think that if everyone chose cloth or "greened" their cycles, our world would be a healthier place :)