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GOOD addictions or BAD addictions? Which ones rule YOUR life?

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Plain and simple. I am going to be real with all of you.
Getting healthy is as simple & as difficult as controlling your addictions. 

What does it mean to be addicted?

According to addicted means "devoted or given up to a practice or habitor to something psychologically orphysically habit-forming (usually followedby to )..."

The weak minded don't tend to succeed while the strong minded push forward to their goals.

Truth is, we all have the ability to be " strong minded", if you really want to. The word is determination, or maybe even persistence.
After all persistence does pay off.

What has happened to some people when it comes to changing their lives? Well, they let addiction take over & throw determination out the window.

We all have addictions in our lives, whether food related or otherwise.

Different obvious addictions are:

Sports ( think football fans )
Health ( yep!)
Food: Sugar, Pop...think cravings.

Not all addictions are bad, though many on this list are.

I am and was an addict. I am addicted to taking care of my body, addicted to being healthy, addicted to being my best, addicted to the feeling of a great workout. These are GOOD addictions.

I used to be addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, and fast food. I also used to be addicted to tv. I was addicted to crash diets. These are BAD addictions.

What is the difference between good addictions and bad addictions?

GOOD addictions build you up. Make you better. Make you feel good. I like to call good addictions , HABITS.

BAD addictions have a temporary pleasure but ulimately leave you feeling worse, and they tear you down. Some even hurt those around you.

What do this have to do with being healthy & losing weight?

A lot.

Truth is, when some one craves cupcakes and gives in to cupcakes regularly, it can be said that they are addicted to cupcakes, or even addicted to sugar.

Sugar takes its toll on the body in many dfferent ways including obesity & possibly even cancer.

Now break that addiction by saying no to cupcakes. It's not easy. But if you avoid the item you are addicted to and never give in no matter how badly you want it, eventually you don't want it so much anymore.

Here are addictions I have broken with determination & sheer willpower:

Bread ( I didn't know I had Celiac consumed various forms of baked goods like it was my job)
Disordered eating/crash dieting
Product junkie ( I was constantly buying make up & any hair product I could in search of perfection, now I choose many natural ways to care for my body, without consumerism)
Soda Pop

These are the major ones. It was hard, but I did it one at a time. I broke my addictions.

How did I do it?

I started by replacing each BAD addiction with a GOOD habit / activity. I started exercising. Then I started eating healthy. I cut out gluten (out of necessity). I stopped smoking. I started drinking more water. I cut out pop. I started cooking at home. I cut out alcohol. I found out I like green tea. I cut out triclosan & chemicals and replaced with natural products like coconut oil & Dr. Bronner's soap.

I never looked back. I said I can't have this, but I CAN have this.

The CAN is the key.

Anyone can break the bad addictions that weigh them down!

I no longer find junk food appealing, however I find myself craving fresh fruit instead.

I no longer want to sit around, I want to be active & do stuff instead of being lazy.

It takes persistence, determination & sheer willpower in the beginning, and over time it gets easier.

Your body and mind change to want the good things.

Humans are creatures of habit. Start a good habit & eventually you will crowd out the bad ones.

You are worth taking care of yourself. You can do it.

I did. I would never go back.

Let go of the addictions that control you. Any addiction that controls you is BAD. However, if you are in control of your thoughts and your body, then you won't let addictions control you.

Control your addictions, not the other way around.

What healthy habits are you creating in your life today?

Be Happy, Healthy & Strong,


I am not a Dr. These are not suggestions. I am sharing what has worked for me and my personal opinions on a topic. See my disclaimer tab for more disclaimer information. When seeking lifestyle changes always consult your physician.

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