Thursday, January 17, 2013

You are kidding yourself, but you sure as heck AREN'T fooling me!

I don't do this often. However I have to say it.

We all start some where, and that is wonderful. I do have a problem with people who stay in the same place and never progress. What good are you doing ?
This post is not aimed at beginners, it is aimed at the complacent, the comfortable, the posers.

I am not trying to offend or pick on anyone, merely just sharing my point of view. This is how I see it.
I am calling people on their B.S.

Pet Peeves:

  1. You are not fit because you are skinny. You just aren't. Period.
  2. You are not healthy because you drink Diet Soda instead of regular. Ditch the soda, do yourself a favor. 
  3. You are not healthy because you drink Mio instead of soda! Drink some water!
  4. Just because you do the elliptical once a month ( or less) do NOT mean you are fit. It means you are lazy. Make a commitment and stop kidding yourself.
  5. Just because you lift heavy does not mean you are cool. Use proper form. If you are using improper form and lifting heavy, you are hurting yourself, and you look like a fool.
  6. Women: You do not "lift" if you are still lifting the 3 lb. weights you started out with years ago. Pick up some actual weights and do some real work. Try a 20 lber ( or more) for a change. 
  7. So you are training for a marathon, good for you. That doesn't make you fitter than everyone else. Just because you run one marathon does not make you an expert on fitness or health.
  8. You do not eat clean just because you have a few vegetables a week with your greasy food. Stopping for McDonald's once a week? You are not a healthy eater. Sorry to break it to you.
  9. Just going through the motions at the gym? You are only hurting your own progress. Put your cell phone down and really get your mind into your will be surprised at the results.
  10. You are not fit and healthy just because you tell people you are. This one is for the narcissists out there. Many times these people are "skinny fat" and think they know it all. If you aren't eating healthy and working out, you AREN'T healthy. Period.
There are so many more pet peeves I have.

There are people who whine to me that they haven't seen progress, yet they have been doing the same workout for years and eating cookies....meanwhile they are upset that they haven't lost the 50 lbs. they want...after all, it was only one cookie, right? Put the freakin' cookie in the garbage and try something new.
Other people are full of excuses, I am too poor to eat veggies ( it's really cheap to grow your own food), I don't have time to cook ( you have time to wait at the drive through though?), I live in an apartment ( well, so do I, and I don't have a problem,).

The WORST excuse EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is....................
I have kids.
Guess what?
Well I have a daughter who is 1 year old. Hubby and I have no family or friends to watch her....ever. And guess what?...I make it to the gym 5 days a week, and he makes it to the gym too....and we still have time together. 

Ditch the lame excuses.
Ditch the ego trips.
Put your work out clothes on.
Get moving.
Eat some veggies.
Put the soda down.
Stop complaining.

Then you can TRULY BE PROUD of your accomplishments!
Why FAKE it when you can BE it?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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