Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekly Recap! Happy Monday, It's a Jungle in Here!

I had a great weekend at home with Hubby and Baby A! It was really nice to just relax for a weekend. Although relaxing for us just means not running around like crazy, it never really means lazy. 
We actually did a lot this past weekend, around the house and for ourselves which was really nice. 
We both worked out on Saturday, I got a really great workout in. Squats and leg presses really got me. I also threw some deadlifts in there. I am pleased to announce that finally my waist is back to where it was before Baby A was born ( the skin it still not back, but I think that will take years)...I measured myself this morning at 25 3/4 inches! I was very pleased :) 
We also ordered more of our supplements and vitamins. We got some amazing deals with sales and coupons!!  It is always nice to get good deals when it is something that you buy often....especially when you don't expect the coupon/sale!
I have been working on my review of the Naturally Fresh Deodorant and the MoistStic!
Baby A's "mommy" spider plant with tons of shoots.
We took care of our balcony garden. Which now has been over watered from so much rain. The rain was nice in the beginning, but now our poor plants are suffering from all the rain and not enough sun!
We have a lot of avocado seeds still sitting in the window sill. A lot of them are cracked and a couple are split and starting to want to sprout. We are excited about this as once they are sprouted we can then plant them in some soil. We planted some organic peach pits and pear seeds in some dirt too, just to see what happens.
Avocado pit after several weeks, getting ready to sprout!
Baby A is loving her spider plant which is absolutely flourishing, we have a ton of little "babies" after only a couple of weeks of having the plant. Her aloe plant is also fairing well, she got that 2 weeks ago also. I have been doing a lot of reading up on how to take care of our new plants, and to say the least our house is starting to feel like a jungle hehe. I am loving it.
Baby A's aloe plant.

How are you? How was your weekend?
"Baby" spider plants that we just planted.

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I would love to hear how you are doing, and what you would like to read about!

Have a fantastic week!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. I need that aloe plant because I have a blister on my thumb from riding my bike. Have you used it for any burns or cuts?

    1. I haven't been able to use it yet, it is still small. We have been buying pure aloe from Vitamin Shoppe and that works well! I am hoping to be able to use this aloe plant when it gets bigger :)