Thursday, August 15, 2013

2 Years Ago, My Father Went To Heaven...

Today marks 2 years since my father passed away from colon cancer at 50.
Some days it still feels unreal, like maybe he is just on a long vacation and one day will be back with a souvenir of his trip. When I was little he used to go on business trips and bring back plastic footballs and fuzzy pink flamingos. I cherish those memories.

My father was more than a father, he was my best friend.
If I needed advice, I went to him.
If I wanted someone to watch a silly movie with, I asked him. If I wanted to sing, my dad pulled out his guitar and we had our own little concert in the living room.
If I wanted someone to eat one too many cookies with me, my dad was the person I went to.
He often asked me for help too, with writing sermons, picking out songs, etc.
I haven't trusted many people in my life, aside from my husband & best friend Katie, my dad was the only other person I have ever trusted. I could tell him pretty much anything and know that he never thought differently of me.
He was that way with every one.
He cared about each person who came across his path, even complete strangers.
When I was a kid he even would stop to help the homeless people on the side of the street, you know the ones with the cardboard signs....

Anyway, the last time I saw my dad, he touched my big belly & hoped to feel Baby A kick ( she was sleeping in my tummy) & we showed him the video of her ultrasound. This was the only time he saw her....
It's funny though because he liked a song called "Shine" and a lot of songs he liked had shine in them....
Baby A's favorite song is named "Shine" in fact she calls all music shine.
She picks up his picture off the table and hugs & kisses it, and says "A-choo Yaya" (I love you Grandpa). I never taught her to do that. She just does on her own.
She and Grandpa Don would have gotten along very well.

I didn't know what to write this morning as this year has hit harder than the first one...

Here is what I wrote on facebook this morning:

"August 15, 2011 @ 5 am my Dad passed away. 2 years ago I was

 sleeping in bed and woke up around 5 to go to the bathroom, I 

never got up at that time back then. I thought of my dad. When I 

got my mom's voicemail that my Dad died, I knew right away why I

 had woken up. I felt in my heart something was different and I 

knew that was why. I was so lucky and blessed to have said Good

 bye to my Dad the week before, and nearly every day on the 

phone after that... Even when he could not speak, Mom held the 

phone to his ear so I could tell him "I love you". He said not to be 

sad when he passed but to be happy he was alive. I am so happy 

and honored that he was/is my Dad. No words can explain the pain 

of losing my father, my hero, my best friend, my rock, my guide, 

my heart. I miss his preaching, music, humor, and so many things, 

but most of all I miss his hugs and his big heart. His love for 

everyone was unexplainable. He cared for everyone even those he 

just met. I may have lost my father that day, but God gained a Saint 
in Heaven. My Dad gave up his life on Earth to be reborn into a 

greater life in Heaven. I love you Dad & I miss you. I look forward 

to joining you in Heaven when my time comes. I hope my Dad has 

all the love and happiness and who knows? Maybe hes playing 

trumpets with the angels or better yet, playing guitar up there in a 

rock band. Love you Daddy!! Xoxo Happy 2 Year Reborn Day!! I 

know you are watching over us. "

Father Daughter Dance 2010 @ my wedding.

Happy 2nd Birthday in Heaven to my Dad.

I miss him.

I will teach Baby A the lessons he taught me, and he will live on in our hearts always.


  1. Wow, you had a beautiful relationship and it would be hard because of his absence. He must have been a baby when he had you, if he was 50 when he died. Anyway, that was a beautiful tribute to your dad and he would be proud.

  2. I forgot to ask, Are his parents still living?