Monday, August 12, 2013

Deodorant That Leaves You Feeling...Naturally Fresh! {Sponsored Review}

I was delighted to receive full size products of Naturally Fresh Deodorant & their deodorant spray in the mail for a review. In addition, they
included a MoistStic which is a lip balm.

these are the product they so kindly sent me for review!

I have always felt bad about putting aluminum based anti-perspirant/deodorants on my skin. I know that it isn't good to use I went in search of a natural alternative.

For a while I made my own deodorant, which while it worked most days, it still wasn't making the cut, and it was messy to use the "paste".

I wanted something simple, unscented, strong enough to stand up to my workouts, and aluminum free.

Naturally Fresh has a deodorant that is all of these things.

Their unscented roll on deodorant is great! It rolls on easily ( once you get the roller ball going, the first application takes a minute, just like any other roller deodorant). I love that it is unscented as I have never been a fan of putting strong scents in my underarms. I would rather smell like my essential oils, than a chemical aluminum deodorant. 
Next came the big test. 2 weeks of intense, sweat inducing workouts that ALWAYS leave me stinky.

I tested not only the roll on for this, but also the spray. 
I actually was brave enough to try a couple days with nothing to see the difference.

The days I went to the gym without deodorant....gross. I smelled like garlic ( I eat a lot of garlic and onions). Sorry if TMI, but these are things you WANT to know if you are going to try a deodorant...right?

So then I went to the gym with the roll on for several days and the spray for several days.

Both the spray and the roll on worked equally well.

I do like that I can spray my feet with the spray deodorant! I find that wearing barefoot running shoes without socks can make feet stinky, this deodorant remedied tha
Even nicer, Naturally Fresh ALSO has a foot deodorant. I didn't get to try that one BUT if it is anything like the spray that they sent is fantastic and keeps odors at bay.

This is their foot spray.
Image from

Now, these deodorants are not anti-perspirants. I will mention however, since I stopped the use of anti-perspirants several months ago, I noticed that my armpits sweat dramatically LESS than the did before.
There was about a 2 week detox time for me when I switch to the homemade deodorant. So, if you switch to a non-aluminum deodorant like Naturally Fresh, give your body time to adjust.

I found that hiking outside in the heat, the spray and the roll on both kept the stink away! They also worked fantastic on my Hubby!

He has always been a fan of Old Spice deodorant because of its strong scent and deodorant abilities, but he was never a fan of the aluminum the was putting on his armpits.
The old deodorants irritated and dried out our underarms...since using Naturally Fresh these past few weeks, we have had no irritation or dryness from our deodorants!

This is fantastic!!

This is their deodorant crystal stick. Image from
We actually like Naturally Fresh so much that we have switched over to their deodorant completely. Hubby settled on the roll on in Ocean Breeze, and I stuck with the Unscented roll on. When we run out of the spray we will be getting more of that to keep in the gym bags and beach bag! It is a must for hot summer days or if you are in a hurry!

I have a tendency to get dry chapped lips. So I was pleasantly surprised to receive the MoistStic lip balm in the mail. I wanted something natural. I do not like that many lip balms from other companies contain questionable ingredients. I had been sticking to plain coconut oil for my lips, but have found it a little messy and less portable in the summer time. The MoistStic has remedied this problem! It is easy to throw in my purse and not messy at all! I love the pleasant cool tingle I get from the peppermint! It moisturizes as well as my coconut oil, but without the greasy after feel!

I highly recommend both the deodorant and the lip balm.

I have found that the deodorant is an extremely affordable price as well which makes me even happier! I am actually spending less on Naturally Fresh deodorant that I did on my previous brand!
Please check out their website! They have other scents and a deodorant crystal as well!

Here are some facts from their website:

" Do you have sensitive skin? Concerned about breast cancer or Alzheimer's disease? Want to live a more natural lifestyle? Our deodorant has been specially formulated with you in mind!
Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal products are extremely gentle, yet amazingly effective! Natural mineral salts stop body odor all day without the harmful chemicals found in conventional antiperspirants and deodorants.

- 100% natural ingredients
- no harmful aluminums or parabens 
- pharmaceutical grade mineral salts
- #1 Dr. Recommended deodorant 
- endorsed by Dr. Melanie Bone"


"Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystals are Propylene Glycol free, Paraben free and prevent bacteria from forming. Our products are far more effective then the "other" natural deodorants."

We loved the deodorant so much we went out and bought the Ocean Breeze scent for my Hubby!
Hubby and I use Naturally Fresh daily!

What are you waiting for? 

Switch your deodorant today, and feel the "Naturally Fresh" difference!! 

This is a sponsored review. The only compensation I received was the samples I reviewed. All opinions are and always will be my own.


  1. I was just about to send you an email, where have you been? I usually by the Tom's line. Thanks for the review, I will also give them a try.

    1. I love it. Check out their site they have different varieties, its easy to find something for pretty much everyone!
      I just posted a blog today to catch you up :)