Thursday, November 7, 2013

Your Kids Deserve Better Than The Junk You Feed Them!

Baby A has a lot of favorite foods.
Most of which are organic.
Kale. Spinach. Sweet Potatos. Organic Raisins. Carrots. Apples. Eggs. Pomegranate. Coconut Water ( her favorite thing to drink!)
Squash. Bananas. Avocado. Chicken.

When she does ask for cake, cookies, or brownies....they aren't your typical cake, cookies, or brownies. In fact, she wouldn't recognize a "normal" cookie if it was sitting in front of her. Her "ice cream" is bananas, cocoa powder, and stevia.
I don't mind giving her the cake I make because it is made out of black beans and coconut oil with zero refined sugar.

She has never had the flu OR the flu shot. She simply does not get sick, despite being around people who are. She just high fived and chatted with someone at the chiropractor who had a cold & she is perfectly fine. She has played with kids who have the flu, and nope, still not sick.

Baby A wakes up every morning and first asks "Where is my Daddy?" ( Did I mention she talks like a 3 year old?)  To which I reply "At work", next she asks for her vitamins. She knows that she gets her vitamins at dinner time, but is still trying to convince Hubby and I that they are "two a day" not "one a day".

the vitamins she loves soooo much!!
She LIKES her veggies. She LIKES her vitamins. She likes what is good for her.

People are shocked and ask me "How do you get her to eat that way? My kid won't touch [insert healthy food here]". I in turn am shocked at them being surprised that she likes healthy food.....

So I would like to address the "How Question" here.

This post isn't to brag, and isn't to make people who are just starting to be healthy feel bad. This post is there for the parent who knows better, who eats healthy but gets lazy & feeds their children food of a lesser value than themselves. This post is for the parent who doesn't know what healthy is. This is for the everything in moderation parent ( what the heck IS moderation to you?)...
It isn't to down you or make you feel bad, but it is to make a simple point.


It sounds silly but, people go to fast food places out of laziness. 
I am saddened that life has become about convenience for the parent.

We cook every meal here at home, whether I am tired or not it gets done. Hubby jumps in to help and make dinners on the days that I cannot. We take turns. Crockpots & steamers are amazing simple to use!! No standing over the stove or taking a ton of effort to make a delicious healthy dinner.
In fact, you set and forget!

Some of the healthiest meals are also the simplest!

what we eat most nights in the ReInvented house.
We eat chicken & broccoli or chicken & asparagus with a small side of quinoa almost nightly and do not get bored. Some nights it's mushrooms, red onions, and cauliflower. Lunches are egg omelettes with spinach or kale....Baby A loves these too!

She asks me every day for "eggies"! 
Today she also asked me for a bowl of carrots for lunch, and a banana for breakfast.

It comes down to this.


If you start your children off healthy from the beginning, then feeding them veggies isn't a chore...they like it!  You don't have to "hide" healthy food in their meals. 

Miracle is they are healthier, happier, smarter, and don't even ask for the bad stuff!! Dinner time is not a fight in our household, lunch time isn't either. Snack time is always healthy.

We don't keep junk food in the house, we as a family ALL eat the SAME things. If she doesn't see us eating bad food, she won't want it. Our health is as important as hers & vice versa! There is no reason for parent or children to eat lesser than each other. Why? Because you are equally important as people.

It has become a motto in our society "Everything in moderation".

You and I both know THAT IS A LOAD OF CRAP.

What is moderation to each individual? Why is it ok to eat bad sometimes & then not others? 
Wonder why children are confused?
 Because we make them that way with the double standards of " you can have candy on halloween but not today" or " it's okay to eat a McDonalds or [insert restaurant here] once a week but not every day". The point is, healthy is a LIFESTYLE, it should be something you desire, not a chore. Yes, it is hard to be healthy these days because so many people are unwell....but things will not change if we don't try. YOU can be the change we need to see in this world. YOU can eat healthy if you put the effort in. YOU can be well.

* Jumping off my soapbox*

I have not always been healthy, nor have I always understood the healthy lifestyle. I changed my life 6 years ago and what an amazing journey it has been!! 
I grew up in a house filled with junk food, fast food, diet soda, sugar, and aspartame. Both of my parents were food addicts in one way or another ( wonderful people though, but they didn't know what healthy was).
I had to fight through that as a young adult to come out to the other side of what healthy is. I am so glad that I ventured out on my own to figure it out or I never would have become the healthy person I am today. 
Every day I fight through health conditions that are a result of my previous unhealthy lifestyle, but they are getting better....I am getting better.

Anyone can change if they have the desire to. Your kids can embrace new healthy habits too....just rid your cupboard of junk food and tell your kids that the car does not stop at fast food places....there will be an adjustment period, but it's worth it.

Be well.

Eat well.

Treat your children well.

No excuses.


I hope this gives someone the courage or conscience they need to make the change.

A little tough love from Lolli today.

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