Saturday, December 14, 2013

Please Think Before You Buy For My Kid...or ANY Kid.

I just read an amazing post from another blogger here:

I appreciate her post for many reasons, but I'll share two:
 1) Baby A's 2nd birthday was Thanksgiving, then we follow up with Christmas right after...this makes for a huge gift mess & a lot of extra stuff filling our already too small apartment.
 2) I have been thinking about gift giving & if its the thought that counts, then why is the giver thinking of themselves when buying a gift, instead of thinking of the receiver? 

The above  post inspired me to write my own. I have been wanting to write on this topic for a while, but frankly was a little timid due to people with big egos...who will most likely be hurt for no reason at all.
I hope you will read on...

Here in the ReInvented Household we really,  REALLY  care about the health of our minds, bodies, souls, and the planet we live on! Thoughtless gifts create waste & clutter not only in our homes but our minds & the landfills as well....unused.

Unfortunately even people close to us can be completely rude & thoughtless, maybe unintentionally, but still, common sense goes a long way. 

Grandparents,friends, family, and strangers (yep, even strangers have given us things we dont need or want!) all give thoughtlessly...and sometimes not giving at all is better than to "surprise" someone with something they dont want.

Here is a list of BIG no-no's when giving gifts to Baby A:

1) No stuffed animals please!! 
- My daughter already has a ton of stuffed animals and only plays with 2-3 of them, more stuffed animals equal more fuzzy things to gather dust, breed bacteria, take up space, and just generally be a pain. Dont get them. Just dont. That aside, a handmade doll when  gift giver informs us ahead of time would be well it took actual thought.

2) No big flashy noisy annoying toys!! 
-yes we have recieved big toys that make tons of noise and take up space, we were even told it was to annoy us?! So the gift was given in complete distastefulness? Take it back to the store, we don't want it
3) Playdoh
- having a gluten free household is not the only reason for no playdoh, it is also messy, toxic, and gets stuck to things. If my child wants playdoh I will make it for her.

4) Loads of plastic toys.
- Plastic is highly toxic and not welcome in large amounts in our home. Sure there are a few items, but they are a select few that Hubby and I decide on. When Baby A outgrows a few toxic toys, they will be donated. Naturally sourced toys are a better option, but frankly? Baby A prefers helping mommy in kitchen over playing with toys most days.

Here is a list of things that are welcome in our home:

1) Coloring books & washable crayons
- We love it stimulates her creativity & she loves to make us little works of art.

2) Wooden/eco-friendly Toys!
- We love wooden toys and have been transferring Baby A's toys over to natural wooden toys and other non-toxic materials. We are loving Melissa & Doug and the B. brand! 

3) Puzzles.
- It challenges her mind and Baby A is obsessed with puzzles. She will sit for an hour playing with puzzles.

4) Educational Toys/DvDs.
- Something that teaches her a new language, math skills, reading skills, etc. Those are cool!

5) Books!!
- Baby A reads a lot of books and she can never have too many of those. In leiu of presents for her birthday this year, people brought books!! She has read every single one and some multiple times. 

6) Practical Clothing.
- pants, t-shirts, skirts, current size & season. Don't know? Then ASK!!

7) Gift cards
Kids always need something. Gift cards no matter what amount are always appreciated.

In addition, I have to agree with the other blogger, that the gift of your time and love is most important! 

If asked this year what to get Baby A? I would say nothing at all, just time & attention, she doesnt need more "things to take up space". Dance to music with her, take her on a walk, or teach her how to write her name....these things give her more joy than any toy or present could.

I am not a minimalist but I am practical. People get so caught up in buying things to make themselves happy that they forget not everyone needs or wants stuff to be happy. The longer I am a parent the more I enjoy the simple things like nature, spending time with those I love, and just 'being'.

What do I want for Christmas this year? Quiet time on Christmas Day, just me...Hubby...Baby interruptions. Time making a birthday cake for baby Jesus, and dancing with my daughter to Christmas music, watching Christmas movies...being in the moment. No chatter. No excess. Just a few eco-friendly non-toxic gifts from us & Santa for Baby A. 

What do you want for Christmas?
Do you feel too much emphasis is placed on giving in the sense of obligation/material possessions?

What are your pet peeve gifts/givers?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


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