Friday, March 7, 2014

11 weeks today! Excited to be a mommy of 2!

Today marks 11 weeks pregnant with Baby B! We are super excited and this pregnancy seems to be going fast.
Thankfully I have not had a ton of morning sickness, but let me explain.
Although I did not have morning sickness for more than 3 weeks, it was REALLY bad. I was sick all day every day and couldn't stand  the smell of anything. I am so happy to not have a puke bucket anymore, haha.

I have kept up with my workouts, with an exception of the couple of weeks I had the morning sickness. It feels good to be jump roping, doing HIIT, weight training, and doing prenatal yoga. I love being active and I feel like this has helped me this pregnancy.

As for weight gain, I haven't really gained any. I gained a couple pounds in the beginning, but then lost it immediately with the morning sickness, and haven't gained since. 

My bra size on the other hand has grown like crazy. Forget wearing the same shirts, but at least I am not in maternity clothes yet, LOL. With Baby A I would have been in maternity clothes already.

I still have food aversions this pregnancy, even though the sickness is past. However, I really do enjoy all kinds of fruit, as well as chicken, and turkey. I have found ways of sneaking spinach ( one of my faves) back into my diet, as I think the baby needs more green stuff. Avocado has been a staple as well.

The picture above is from last week, but I haven't grown any, and since I have been slacking at blogging, here is a glimpse into my pregnancy.

There is also a comparison to  my pregnancy with Baby A.

My lines have softened and my muscles aren't as big as they were, but that is due to all the wonderful baby making hormones in my body!

I feel like even though I was healthier than a lot of people when I was pregnant with Baby A, I am doing even better this pregnancy.

I still consumed some sugar  while pregnant with Baby A, I also allowed myself a coconut ice cream treat at night when pregnant with her.
I have not consumed sugar at all since Avani was a couple of months old, and I no longer allow any cheats to my diet at all, and I am happy about it.

I also did prenatal yoga and very rarely light weight lifting while pregnant with Baby A, and a lot of walks with Hubby. This time around though I am working out 5-6 days a week, with my normal workout regimen. 

I was in better shape before pregnancy this time around, so I have stronger abs ( even despite an umbilical hernia from my 1st pregnancy).

All these things account for why I am so different this pregnancy than last pregnancy.

But what is the same, is I love both of my babies with my whole heart!  In addition, with Baby A I was healthy to the very extent of my knowledge at the time, and did my 100% best, and I am also doing my 100% best this time around with Baby B....the only difference is a few more years, and a little more knowledge.

I am so happy to be a mommy of 2.

I can't wait to meet Baby B in September.


  1. Congrats Lolli. How much weight you want to gain for this pregnancy?

  2. thank you sheila! my goal is 25-30 lbs. i gained just over 42 lbs with Baby A.