Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cloth Diaper Prep!

Thanks to all the advice on how to prep diapers, and my hubby lugging laundry down to the dryer for me ( thank you hubby! my 9 month waddle wouldn't get me there very well!)....our cloth diapers are prepped & ready for Baby A's arrival!

Here's our newly prepped stash:

Our Bottombumpers OS stash!
 3 diapers, 3 inserts. 
These are some of the softest inserts! 
And I love that the size is a snap down on the inside of the diaper. I like hidden sizing.

gDiapers stash. 
2  small diaper covers, 4 liners, 2 pail liners, 12 small microfleece/hemp inserts.
These inserts too are very soft. The pail liners will be nice in our Diaper Dekor pail.

Our Sprout Change stash! 
These are the diapers I am most excited about, which is why there are so many in our stash. 9 diaper covers (reversible), 25 hemp inserts. 
These will be the ones she can wear from birth as they go as small as 5 lbs!
I love the internal elastic sizing for both the waist and the legs!

I cannot wait for Baby A to try all her cute little diapers out. 

One surprise we had when prepping the hemp inserts was the amount of "fuzz" in the washer!  The hemp inserts shed like crazy the first wash or so, but then are great! At first I was a little freaked that maybe something was wrong, but it was all a part of the prep process. 
Did you have any surprises or worries when prepping your cloth?

I will be sure to share my opinions on the diapers I have as Baby A tries them out when she is born next month.

There are a few other diaper brands that I would love to try out! I think the Softbums Omni system looks great with the slide 2 size system, and the Envibum diapers are adorable and unique with the waffle style inside and unique sizing!

Can you tell I am a sucker for OS diapers?

We also have 2 Fuzzibunz small wet bags on their way in the mail...for when we are out and about. 

Has anyone used these (or any of the diapers mentioned in this post)? Opinions?

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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