Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Few Of The Things I Like About Being Pregnant.

  1. Knowing that I am growing a life inside of me! (one that was made with love).
  2. Feeling my baby kick! 
  3. Eating- a lot. (But healthy food of course!...with a few treats thrown in.)
  4. Washing baby clothes to prepare for Baby A's arrival.
  5. Looking through baby magazines.
  6. Sleeping a lot! 
  7. I can sit, without people looking at me weird.
  8. If I am tired, people understand.
  9. Clothes shopping is a little easier, because all the sizes are small, medium, and large ( Don't ask about swim suit shopping though! That's another story!).
  10. Not having a monthly visitor. YAY!
  11. My hair is thicker, fuller, shinier, longer. 
  12. Shopping for baby stuff with my hubby :) 
  13. The anticipation of my baby & what she will look like, what her personality will be, and who she will grow up to be!
  14. You can be "fat", and people think it's beautiful.
  15. Talking to my little baby in my belly!
These are a few of the things I love about being pregnant! 
Granted, there are also many things I DON'T like about being pregnant, but that is another post for another day.


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