Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekly Recap: Memorial Day and more!

I apologize for being so late on the weekly recap. Hubby had a four day weekend for Memorial Day and it was wonderful! The weather was rainy and yucky, but we still made the most of it.
I was able to get in a good workout yesterday, it always feels good to end a long weekend with a hard lifting session!
We used the beginning of the weekend to organize and sort our storage closet! We also were able to get our camping gear pulled to the front. We are very excited to start camping with Baby A. A love for nature is so important to instill in our children at a young age.
We found several things in the closet that no longer serve us, so we will be selling them and donating the rest.
Hubby was able to take out our recycling pile which was massive due to cleaning out the closet. I love that we recycle instead of throwing everything in the trash. Only the unrecyclables went in trash which was a small pile.
On top of that we went to the laundry mat. Despite doing several loads a day, I had fallen behind on the laundry. Plus we had a bunch of blankets and extras to wash. Several loads and 3 hours later we were home with clean laundry. Now the putting away begins!
It is nice to have a fresh start on the laundry. I hang dry everything so sometimes it can take a while and once a year or so its nice to get caught up!

To top off the productive weekend we were happy that we were able to get free shipping from on our Immortal Velvet! Thanks Surthrival!

Now on to the very late recap of last weeks posts!

Weekly Recap:

I hope that you found something that interests you!

I love to hear about my readers! How was your Memorial Day weekend?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,



  1. The weather is Chicago was rainy and cool also. I also did some organizing because there is only so much entertainment you can do over the 3 days. I remember those laundry mat days,LOL.

  2. We had a very slight run in with the rain but that was it. I LOVE me some organizing!!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  3. I tried commenting on the stretch marks article and it won't let me, what's up with that? Anyway can you send me the link for the product you reviewed a few months ago. It was a head scarf. I want to buy a couple for my hubby. Can you send the link