Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gotta Love GREAT Customer Service!!

I have to admit, there is one company that I am loving more every day! They are dedicated to their customers and it shows.
Hubby and I just recently became customers of theirs!

This was our second order, and there were some website problems with logging in and a delay in shipment (nothing major)...but they took care of it!!
And they did it with a smile
( I don't know if they were really smiling or not but the way they write is courteous and helpful).

Not only that, but I received a coupon with my order for the delay! I don't know if that is a general practice, but it definitely made me even more confident in the company and their ability to satisfy their customers while delivering a quality product.

This company is Surthrival!

We ordered more of their Immortal Velvet Silver. We love it so far and I have noticed a difference in my overall health.

We ordered 2 bottles this time, but I didn't take a picture, this is from the previous order.
I mention their customer service for this reason. I have been floored at the number of companies that just don't deliver. I have had horrible customer service from some companies. There have been other companies I have emailed numerous times and never gotten an email in response. I have had other companies write back in rude and unprofessional manners. I have had others yet just write back " I don't know" or "Ask [someone else/another dept]". I seem to be seeing a lot of unresolved issues with other companies which leaves me frustrated....especially when it comes to questions about an order or my food allergies.

All that being said, customer service is important. Your customers keep you in business.

Surthrival got it right.
Thank you Surthrival.
A special shout out to customer service member Michael who answered my email promptly, kindly, and professionally.

You: Michael, and the company Surthrival get a gold star.

Thank you for your tremendous customer service and dedication to quality products. Surthrival does not disappoint.

Has anyone else run across a company with amazing customer service recently?

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


*These are my own thoughts and opinions, this is NOT a sponsored post in any way*

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