Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Weekly Recap! : 50th Birthday, Fun in the Water, Cracker recipe coming soon!

We had a wonderful weekend!
My mom's 50th birthday party was on Saturday, and it was a total surprise. I enjoyed spending time with our family.
We also took Baby A to the new splash pad at the local park, she loved it!! She kept calling it a "show show" (shower).

We have been enjoying the sunshine, but the weather has been cooler the past couple of days, not very summer-like at all.

I will update you more on our avocado tree growing soon! I would write more about it today, but I did not take pictures to show you yet.

I also have been making a lot of cracker to go with the hummus recipe ( find in the ReInvented Recipes tab). The crackers are delicious! I just cannot wait to share the recipe with you!

How have you all been?

Here is your weekly recap:

I am hoping to post a lot more soon! Things are just now starting to calm down around here. 
I have been and am in the process of changing my daily routine with Baby A, and we just started limiting the pacifier to night time and naps only, so it has been interesting around here!
Thank you so much for understanding my lack of posts that past couple of weeks!

Be Happy Healthy and Strong,



  1. It's been very summery here ... 106 on Saturday! Yikes. But the nights have been cool so it's been great not having to deal with the A/C during the day.

    Happy Birthday to your mom. My mom will be 53 this year and she's already dreading it!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

    1. Wow thats some super summery weather! We went from 90 degree weather to barely 70 degree weather pretty much over night. The weather here has been funky. I bet that is really nice not having to deal with the A/C! Thanks so much for the birthday wishes, she had a great day! I hope that your mom has a good birthday, 53 is still young! xoxo