Thursday, May 30, 2013

What You Can Do to Prevent Stretch Marks! {Infographic}

Ahhh the dreaded stretch marks! 
I followed a routine while pregnant religiously, yet the stretch marks crept in the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy. I believe that the routine I had with the oils and exercise and healthy eating really kept the stretch marks at bay. 
I was all belly with Baby A, so it was inevitable for me.
However, I have continued the same routine since Baby A and it has healed most of my stretch marks, some have even disappeared completely, most have shrunk and turned white. I have only a couple pink ones left that are slowly shrinking and turning white.
I believe that my healthy lifestyle along with massaging oil on my stomach is what has helped my stretch marks so much. 

Check out this awesome infographic to help you prevent stretch marks!

Be Happy Healthy & Strong,


Stretch Marks Infographic

Created by Natural Healing Oils.

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