Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding New Ways to Kick My Butt!

I have been looking for ways to get cardio in at home. Sure it's great running and doing the elliptical, but sincerely, I HATE long runs and the elliptical bores me.

Workout videos are okay, but honestly, some of the dance moves make me trip over my feet. It doesn't matter how long I have been working out, it still happens.
 I just NEEDED something different....

I decided I REALLY wanted to jump rope. 
I have never been good at it. 
But I wanted to give it a try.

So a few weeks after my first skip, I am hooked at doing a billion times better than I ever had in the past.

The above picture is me at the gym the other day. I got in a lot of back, biceps, and squats! Gotta love dirty mirrors and crappy cell phone pics ;) 

This is a picture from a home work out the other day :) The pink and green weights are Baby A's. She loves to work out with mommy.

Did I mention Hubby is joining me on this adventure? 
His jump rope is the one in the package with the black handles, mine is the one with the blue handles, it has been sized. I am using it on rubber mats for cushion.

Here is our jump rope... and our mats.

I really love the speed ropes. They are smooth, they don't tangle, and they easily adjust length!! 

Jump rope is a great portable way to get your workout in!

Buddy Lee is who I am inspired by for jump roping! He is incredible at what he does!

Sara Solomon is incredible inspiration for jump roping as well.

I have been enjoying being back to working out after taking a couple of months off. 
It is invigorating to do what I love again.

Are you interested in trying jump rope?

Check out this tutorial for beginners!

The most important thing about fitness is to find something you enjoy! Keep it interesting and keep moving forward!

I recently created a group on facebook called "Inspire Me Fit", it is a place where there is no judgement and we motivate and support each other.
 I am loving the support and motivation. Find someone to support and motivate you whether it be your spouse or a group on facebook. 

Be fit. Be happy. Be strong.

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