Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wishlisting...What is on your wishlist this year?

Now that the holidays are over, I am sharing my wishlist for the year 2014! 

Some things on this list are things I use everything and just know I need more of soon, but figured it may help someone else out...

and other things are things I like and would love to have!

What is on your wishlist? Please share!

1) All kinds of jars!
Since I make our own body butters and other home products, I find myself going through a ton of canning jars and always needing more.
Here are the kinds I am putting on my list:
(none of these are my photos, images googled from around web, if you click on image takes you to website where I found the product)

2) Honeybee Gardens Make up
Hubby just got me some of their make up for my birthday & I love it. Here are some more items of theirs I want to try!

3) Leggings & Tees! 
I love leggings. Comfy and cute.

4) Fitness Gear!
I have been jumping rope a lot for cardio and now would like to get a good one! Here are the two that I want to try.

5) Shoes of course

6) Essential Oils of all kinds. I normally buy NOW essential oils, but I also think that I would like to try doTERRA essential oils at one point.
Here is the next essential oils on my list.

7) More items to make body butters, etc with.

So there you have it! These are the things that I am interested in currently. Do you keep a running list through the year?

I am not someone who tends to want a bunch of "extra" stuff. A lot of stuff that I like is stuff that can be worn, used up, or used to chisel my body the way I want it.

For me those "extras" ( collecibles, etc) tend to take up space & sit around, and I don't like clutter.

What types of things do you like?

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