Friday, January 31, 2014

Taking Away A Kids Lunch? Are You Kidding Me?

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I read an article the yesterday about kids at a school in Utah getting their lunches taken away.

Here is the article I read:

Here's is another article on the subject if you would like to catch up:

First off let me say this...if anyone took my child's lunch away for ANY reason....I would be livid.

Basic human rights are:


If a child is deprived of any of these things, it is child abuse.
Plain and simple. 

Children have a RIGHT and a NEED to be fed!

If a child spends 8+ hours at school every day, I as a parent would want to know my child has food, bathroom privileges, safety provided by the staff of the school, etc.

If ANY of these are taken away from a child, it is a disgrace. It is a shame. A child should feel safe at school.

I am sick of all these anti-bullying campaigns....yes they are helping kids keep from being bullied by kids...
BUT I have read numerous articles of kids now being BULLIED BY SCHOOL STAFF! This is UNACCEPTABLE.

I do not care if the school has apologized. I do not care if they say they are sorry. It should have never happened in the first place. 

The issue of money is between the parents and the school. Send the parents a bill in the mail, call a conference with the parents...but DO NOT for ANY REASON take a child's lunch away. PERIOD. 

In my opinion, school lunch should be provided free of charge since your child will spend the majority of the day there. It is a basic human necessity. If it is charged for it should be paid for in a college meal plan for example.
I do not believe however that children should pay for a school's lack of funds or a parental mistake.

If my child is in the care of a school, they should be safe for the entire day. My child is to be fed, remain clothed, feel safe, be able to go to the bathroom, get a good education, have access to water  when they are thirsty, and not be reprimanded in any way without contacting ME!

It is sad to me that so many schools are getting away with being BULLIES to the children despite an ANTI-bullying policy.

I think that the Principle needs a detention...aka FIRED. 

I read recently about a male teacher embarassing a student by removing her shirt in front of class, I read about a child locked in a closet by a teacher, I have also read about a deaf boy who wandered off school property because no one was paying attention to him....this is UNACCEPTABLE!

What is happening with our schools today??

A message to the schools:

Safety first. It is our children you are dealing with. You may see it as a pain or a challenge to take care of them while they are there, but they are our CHILDREN. We love our children, cherish them, and want them to be safe. If you are not a person who cares about this, then you should not be working with children. My child's safety, learning, and well being come before your paycheck, the school's convenience, or any other bullshit excuse you may come up with for humiliating a child. It is my hope and prayer that you all get your shit together before my daughter is old enough to go to kindergarten.


An angry parent


  1. I'm not a parent and this stuff makes me angry! I read both of those articles and felt physically weak with disbelief that anyone would consider that appropriate.

  2. I agree that their common sense was lacking! Thanks for stopping by!