Thursday, August 16, 2012


As an owner of a Bumbo seat I have to say that we love it! We use it all the time!
I was sad to see that there was a recall of approx. 4 million Bumbo seats.

Not to worry though, according to the Bumbo website there isn't a need to return them, just fill out a form for a repair kit to fix the problem!

Not my photo, image url from Bumbo website.

How do you get the repair kit?

Go to:

For more information on the recall & to read other posts on the Bumbo seat recall, check these out:

Internation Business Times: "....Was Your Baby Seat Recalled?"

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  1. I ordered my kit...even though the reason for the recall it said children can fall out of them...which made me think..."so if I don't watch my kid, they can fall out of their bumbo?" I never assumed they were perfectly fine for leaving a child unattended or considered a secure seat.